Beyond The Bezels: What Your Watch Says About You


A watch is considered more than just an accessory. It is a way of getting to know a man’s personality beyond what meets the eye. Expensive and luxurious watches stand out the most within a crowd as they speak their purpose and style through meticulous designs. Each watch speaks the language of elegance and class in its own unique manner. When it comes to various designs, you can be assured that every pattern and material is solely focused on what you desire the most. 

The Message Behind A Luxury Watch

A luxurious timepiece is often known as a symbol of confidence and allure. It implies amassing success and prosperity. Certain timepieces represent a man’s spirit as classy and posh with their intricate details and design. A watch is an apt medium of expressing the immense importance of punctuality and value of time in one’s life. Your watch allows you to express your priorities, taste, and values. People tend to choose carefully when it comes to purchasing a watch because it is used as a medium to make a statement about their personality and character. 

The Strap

Watch straps are available in a variety of designs, and materials and they are a crucial component of your watch. A leather strap matches well with any attire and serves as an indication that you like to dress in a smart and distinguished manner. Leather is associated with charm and attractiveness; hence it becomes an ideal choice for a man. 

A NATO strap is all anyone needs to know about a man’s modern and contemporary taste in fashion. It forms a unique combination if paired with a luxurious bezel and creates a unique timepiece. Watches with metal bracelets carry a message of tradition, power, and it embodies masculinity thoroughly.  

Gemstones & Diamonds

Gemstones and diamonds have been around for decades, and they are always attached to exclusive jewellery and accessories. Diamond watches are often considered as a token of a man’s accomplishment and success. Diamonds are associated with the best looks one can find in a watch and holds a lot of sentimental value. 

Gemstones are often associated with different meanings, and they highlight a man’s character further. Custom made watches frequently feature gemstones in their design and they represent different qualities. An emerald stone symbolizes strength and wealth, and on the other hand, sapphire portrays a charming personality. 

Analog Vs Digital

An analog watch is a prime example of classic taste and male preference. Analogs are making a comeback and we men associate them with elegance and believe they can mediate their charisma through analog watches. 

A digital watch is often associated with convenience, simplicity and innovation given its key characteristics of timekeeping. A digital watch is everything from a watch to a smartphone and it provides the easiest way to learn about all important aspects of your life immediately. 

At Cagau, our experts can help transmit your personality and character further by customizing each watch and adding more details to an already excellently crafted timepiece. 

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